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Mr K Automotive offers the following repair services, in addition to many more, and don’t forget our unbeatable 12 month/12,000 mile warranty (AAA members get 24 month/24,000 mi. warranty. Some restrictions apply).

Engine Repair and Maintenance Services:

  • Belts & Hoses
  • Clutch replacement
  • CV Axle replacement
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Cooling Systems
  • Electrical Testing
  • Engine Replacement
  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Fuel Injection
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Oil, Lube & Filters
  • Radiators
  • Starters & Alternators
  • Timing Belts
  • Transmission service
  • Tune Upsfleet
  • Water Pumps

Tune Ups:

  • Oil, Lube and Filter
  • Replace spark plugs, wires and boots
  • Replace distributor cap (if applicable)
  • Replace rotor (if applicable)
  • Adjust ignition timing and idle speed control (if adjustable)
  • Perform a comprehensive maintenance inspection

    Check out our MyNapaTools website for information about different repair procedures

    Check out our MyNapaTools website for information about different repair procedures


  • Adjust and bleed the brake system
  • Replace worn pads and linings
  • Turn or cut rotors and/or drums
  • Anti-Lock Brake System repair
  • Replace Master Cylinder
  • Replace wheel cylinders
  • Replace calipers
  • Re-pack wheel bearings

Steering and Suspension:

  • Strut replacement
  • Shock replacement
  • Power steering fluid flush
  • Steering and suspension components inspection and replacement

Engine Performance:

  • Fuel injection system diagnostics
  • Ignition system diagnostics
  • Computerized engine controls testing
  • Fuel injection system services

Air Conditioning and Climate Control:

  • Inspecting performance of the system
  • Checking for leaks
  • Recovering contained refrigerants
  • Recycling refrigerants
  • Restoring the system to peak performance
  • Pressure testing the system